AUG 14



AUG 14


AUG 14


Bee from IMG. Styled by HI MUM I’M DEAD.

Wearing Ellery.

COACH boots.

CUSTOMIZED vampire headband.

Anonymous inquired U are bi?


Anonymous inquired honestly, in all the years I've known you - I should've told you how I felt. I don't know if I'm only feeling this way now that you're away/travelling the world/enjoying life etc. but I feel like I've grown to have feelings for you.. I know you've said you were "bi" - or whatever, but I don't know. I never thought I'd ever say I was 'bisexual' - but clearly, if I feel like I'm attracted to you (in more than friends) it probably says something.. mmm.. I don't know I'm tipsy but yeah - I miss you.

this is mega ambiguous and really doesn’t come to any sort of conclusion

if you want to do something, do it. that’s what I think

maybe I’ll see you soon who knows !!!!!!!!

Anonymous inquired How do I deal with loosing the love of my life (he cheated although we were not technically together at the time)

if someone treats you like shit A) they are not the love of your life and B) you deserve better and C) maybe you just love him because he cheated on you and you are masochistic and you want to hate yourself and you think you deserve it WHICH IS WRONG or D) maybe he is just a dumb kid and he fucked up and you will meet again when you are 50 and get married on a beach in hawaii

love is the only socially acceptable form of mental illness

and I know no more about it than you baby

Anonymous inquired Do all relationships have bad times Is it a bad sign if one of you has a really bad day and needs space? Because we make each other happy but we have a lot to deal with and I'm worried he can't handle it,please help me bee

relationships are tested by the bad shit. no relationship can be a  good and mature and realistic relationship without the bad. everything being ‘nice’ and ‘safe’ all the time is boring and pointless and it isn’t real.

if you can stick with each other through the shit, then you will both share and appreciate the good.

share with him when you need to. ask him to be there when you know it will help. however, when you’re having a shit time and it will be negative to be together because you’ll take it out on him, you need to be able to recognise that being alone might be better for you.

rememeber- people are there for you, but not to be abused. they can’t fix everything. 

"Love me when I  least deserve it,

that’s when I need it most” _ my favourite Swedish proverb 

Anonymous inquired so beautiful and so enigmatic. safe travels, happy life :)


namaste & all that shit. 

Anonymous inquired I wish I didn't like you as much as I do. The photography, the art, the cats, the style, the traveling, the choker, the brows, that fucking smile. It's almost too much. Ok

I can shave off my eyebrows if that helps

I’ve been a gypsy for the past 3 weeks

I’m in a beautiful room in a squat in Groningen, Holland

I just ate some hummus & a packet of carrots